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Empower your team with custom software consulting services, crafted to meet the unique needs and goals of your organization. I can help your team:

Deliver New Solutions

When investing in software development, ensuring the creation of the right solution is crucial. I specialize in facilitating in-depth discussions with stakeholders to translate user needs into precise requirements. This approach enables development teams to concentrate on implementing functionalities that yield the most significant impact. As projects evolve, I remain actively involved in guiding teams and setting the technical direction to implement applications and automations that revolutionize work processes.

Unlock Data For Deep Insights

Recognizing that data is vital for any organization, consolidating enterprise data from diverse systems into a unified datastore allows for harnessing the full potential of your data through advanced analytics, forecasting, and AI. Drawing from my experience, I will assist in constructing a data lake from the ground up and overseeing data engineering processes to guarantee the security and performance of these knowledge repositories.

Modernize Legacy Systems

Software degrades with time - and big bang rewrites don't work. Allow me to assist your team in rolling out iterative upgrades to your systems, modernizing architecture, improving code quality, and providing deeper insights and resiliency to your mission critical systems.

Technical Team Building & Mentoring

Some teams benefit from a fresh perspective. I'll work with your team to evaluate current software development processes, identify inefficiencies or pain points, and leverage my diverse experience to recommend approaches to refine work streams and establish new best practices.

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Blackwater Pragmatic, Inc.

Vincent Fazio

I'm Vincent Fazio - the owner and technical lead at Blackwater Pragmatic.

As an accomplished application architect, my forte lies in applying Agile principles to deliver secure, scalable, and reliable software solutions - ensuring that every project exceeds its potential. In my most recent collaboration, I led the construction of a robust data lake in AWS, demonstrating my prowess in crafting innovative solutions for complex data challenges. I am passionate about leveraging the power of Agile methodologies to deliver high-quality, adaptable software that precisely aligns with evolving business needs.

With a keen eye for effective communication and a knack for technical creativity, I am not only adept at building strong working relationships with executive leadership, team members, and business partners but also dedicated to delivering business value on time and within budget. My proficiency spans a wide range of languages and technical approaches.

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How can I help?

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What others have said:

As an Application Architect

"Vince is an incredible problem solver with a vast technical background and the willingness to learn anything to help design the best solution possible. After joining my team in the middle of a large application build, Vince jumped right in and helped improve several parts of our platform while also empowering members of my Engineering Team and others across the business. When I gave Vince a project I knew that I could count on his innovation and leadership to drive us to a great outcome. Vince brings creativity, empathy, and broad experience to any role he's given and would make a positive impact to any team he joins."

As a Lead and Mentor

"Vinnie has been a joy to work with. I am always amazed at his attention to detail, and ability to recall facts at a moment's notice. He has [shown] that he knows his way around many of the latest in demand Java technologies. I don't think I could have been impressed by someone's coding until I looked through some of his work. [Vinnie's] work has been a gauge for me personally, and a role model for my future development work."

As a Data Engineer

"Vinnie has become the de facto lead engineer on an isolated team at [client] doing data engineering work. This team has been poorly run and in near-constant change while Vinnie has been part of it. In spite of that, Vinnie has steadfastly followed pragmatic engineering practices, especially: Rethinking approaches that seem over-engineered Advocating for making the smallest change possible Insisting on delivering well-tested code, which can be more of an art than a science in data engineering than on a feature development team When this work began, Vinnie did very effective Discovery work. Vinnie summarized the current state of a half-delivered product and provided a technical roadmap recommendation in the matter of a couple weeks. He captured the open questions, weighed tradeoffs, and gave clear recommendations. He also summarized the work in a technical diagram that has driven planning and feedback ever since."

Did you know?

The name Blackwater Pragmatic pays homage to these influences:

The logo references pointers found in languages like C & C++.

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